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    Explore a festive winter wonderland with this enchanting addition to the Bookscape Board Books series!

    Christmas Cheerfestively depicts the colorful, dynamic scenes of Christmas time?from caroling to baking, building a snowman to decorating the tree, and more.

    Each uniquely shaped page overlaps with the next to create a complete landscape when closed?and an immersive world to explore with each turn of the page when open.
    Delightfully petite and chunky board book
    Begs to be picked up thanks to its tactile, toy-like quality
    Filled with simple concept-based text and bright, jubilant illustrations

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    From the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site series. More than two million copies have sold across the series!

    Created for lovers of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, as well as fans of Sherri Duskey Rinker’s storytelling and AG Ford’s art, this beautiful holiday picture book shows Excavator, Bulldozer, Crane, Dump Truck and Cement Mixer building a new home for fire engines. As they finish their big, important job, they get their own Christmas surprises. Your kids will have fun discovering the special surprise awaiting each vehicle as much as they will love rhyming along with the story. This cute book is sure to be a classic!

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    Mr. Boddington’s Studio delivers a stylish and modern illustrated reimagining of the most iconic Christmas picture book story using the words of the Clement Clarke Moore’s poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas.”

    A perennial bestseller and timeless gift in the holiday season, multiple adaptations exist of this classic holiday tale, almost exclusively illustrated in bold classic colors. Mr. Boddington’s Studio provides a fresh take by using the same poem and updating the style with a sophisticated and modern color palette. Children and parents alike will delight in revisiting this classic holiday tale with the iconic and fresh Mr. Boddington’s style.

    Year: 2021
    Editor :Penguin Young Readers Group

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    From the New York Times bestselling author of The Wonderful Things You Will Be, meet Emily Winfield Martin’s little forest family and the adventures they have on one very big day.

    Who is only under 5 inches tall and has just moved to the woods? The cutest and littlest bear family you have ever seen–and their adopted teeny tiny fox tot! What happens when they venture out to explore their new world…?

    With an easy-to-read story and the careful brushstrokes of Emily Winfield Martin’s illustrations, The Littlest Family’s Big Day captures the mystery and magic of the woods. Inspired by classic children’s books such as The Littlest Fur Family and Dream Animals, this is a radiant treasure to be cherished for generations.

    Editor: Penguin Random House

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    Year: 2021
    Editor: Penguin Random House
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    Geese are calling, a chilly wind is blowing, and the sky is turning gray. Winter is on its way. For Mama Bear and Small Bear, that means it’s time to tuck into their den for a long sleep. But Mouse is scurrying by, and Chipmunk is still gathering nuts beside the lake. And look at Hare and Skunk, still romping through the leaves! Why can’t Small Bear stay up, too? To each question, Mama Bear responds with the coziest of answers, finally painting a dreamy picture of the brightening colors and new adventures that will greet Small Bear in the spring. But first comes sleep, in this irresistible invitation to drowsy little cubs everywhere.

    Year: 2021
    Editor: Penguin Random House

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    How Big is Big? How Far is Far? All Around Me was created to inform imaginatively. After all, why not measure how dense the densest fur could be by the size of a thumb? Or think of speed as though it were a snowflake gliding through the air? Jun Cen’s artwork uses a muted palette and minimal graphics which pay homage to the vintage ladybird pocketbook classics, whilst the design and typography lends it a modern breath for playful learning.

    Authors: Illustrations by Jun Cen
    Release date: August 2018
    Format: 24 × 28 cm
    Features: Full color, hardcover, stitch bound, 48 pages


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    Créer, se déguiser, s’amuser !Ce livre contient 16 superbes masques de monstres prédécoupés à compléter pour créer d’incroyables jeux déguisés.En plus, tu trouveras 11 autres modèles à copier ou décalquer pour réaliser de nouveaux masques !Attention ! Ne convient pas aux enfants de moins de 36 mois.

    Année: 2018
    Éditeur: Mila

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    Have you ever wondered why there are so many books about bears?

    No? Well consider this… every time you pick up a book about a bear, some poor grizzler has to jump up and perform the story for you – even if they were in the middle of something really good – like sleeping, snoozing, or napping.

    And because there are so many books about bears, the bears are pooped! They’re always on call, they can never catch a break, and they’re tired of doing all the hard work. No wonder they’re grizzly.

    Authored by my better half, Laura BuntingAnother Book About Bears follows one bear’s journey to break free from the anthropomorphic cycle, and uncover the grizzly truth.

    Another Book About Bears is published in Australia by Scholastic Australia, in the USA by Kane Miller, in Brazil by Brinque, in France by Kaleidoscope, across Asia by Scholastic Asia, in Canada by Scholastic Canada, in Italy by Caissa Italia, in Taiwan by Grimm Press, and in the Netherlands by Condor.


    Semer des radis, planter des tomates, réaliser son propre compost, lutter contre les ennemis du jardinier, faire pousser un marronnier… Au fil des saisons, plus de quarante activités faciles à réaliser. Le livre de jardinage de tous les enfants, des villes ou des champs !

    Auteur: Virginie Aladjidi Elisa Géhin
    Année: 2015

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    Le temps de la Nature n”est pas forcement le nôtre.Il faut beaucoup de patience pour cultiver la terre car dame Nature est parfois capricieuse. Ce joli album tout en douceur et en candeur nous le prouve avec l”histoire d”un cultivateur et de ses animaux qui après avoir tracé des sillons et préparé le sol attendent la pluie. Accepter les caprices du temps n”est pas toujours facile, mais tout vient à point finalement pour qui sait attendre.Les illustrations tendres et naïves feront voyager les plus petits dans l”univers fascinant du potager. Un album sur le temps qui passe et la force des éléments. Technique : pastel.

    Auteur: Ximo Abadia
    Éditeur:Joie de lire (La)-Gerstenberg

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    Deer, raccoons, owls, foxes and squirrels! Use scribbles, paint, collage or markers to find creative ways to dress up this woodland crew. These books will keep kids engaged for hours and they are just the right size for little hands. Perfectly packable for restaurants, car trips, or to enjoy at the park.

    32 perforated removable pages with FSC certified paper, eco inks and perfect-binding.