Oliver and KO

Oliver & Ko came to life in 2019 when Malin…

Oliver & Ko came to life in 2019 when Malin and her family lived in Mexico and she homeschooled her two oldest before finding a school that resonated with their beliefs around education. In the early homeschooling days, Malin would spend every evening preparing for the upcoming school day and since she was unable to find English learning aids in her area she decided to design them herself.

As she hand drew each illustration, Malin quickly realized how much joy it gave her to be creative and and she decided to get them professionally printed and share her work with the world. Her products are a minimalistic design, with a simple yet modern twist. They are fun for young learners, whether they are homeschooled or not. Outside of being a mother and a small business owner, Malin loves photography, cooking healthy food, and definitely loves a good cup of tea!