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HUED came about almost like a fourth child for Chalie…

HUED came about almost like a fourth child for Chalie of Hued. Unexpected, exciting, and filling a space one never knew needed filling. Chalie is a creative soul who consistently needs to create + imagine and dream and as a mother of three, she became awakenly aware that her children needed that too.

As life ticked on, it got more chaotic. A beautiful chaos, but Chalie began to realize that the amount of toys her children had accumulated was starting to give her anxiety. Mostly plastic, obnoxiously colorful and easily breakable in the hands of my little minions, she had had enough.

In her late collage years, she had the pleasure of teaching art under the Montessori method.  She knew she wanted home to be a place for learning and a play environment to return to simple textures + colors + structure, while also respecting the natural world. Finally, a beautiful natural sensory dough was born and made for finding kids’ creative roots.