About Us

De Hut (dutch):
Minimalist cabin created from natural materials,
often in forested areas.

Our story

Fall 2019, when our baby boy was 2 months old, we decided to leave the city and settle full-time into our lakeside cabin in the Laurentians near Montreal, Canada. Being parents of a newborn and living in the mountains was a big change from our previous life and asked us to slow down on all aspects. Honestly… winter was long, but spring and summer showed us how to enjoy little things as dip in the lake, a picnic in the garden, listening to frogs and watching the sunset. It might sound cliché, but the easier an activity, the more you can actually enjoy it and forget about planning and organizing.

Then I realized that as a first-time parent we had a LOT of things, mostly things that have been already donated to a good cause. I regret my approach for desperately buying lots of toys to entertain my boy, but hey we all learn from our mistakes, right? Baby’s and kids they take so much pleasure in observing things… mostly things that we take for granted. But why did I also feel that most books and toys we had, did not present the actual world of insects, frogs, squirrels, birds, leaves and trees… we are living in. Nor did we have a lot of quality “gear” to go explore nature.

De Hut is a projet from the heart that offers a curated selection of products that are timeless, gender-neutral and mostly nature-inspired. The LIVE section has quality, conscious essentials for baby’s and the house, the PLAY section durable, educational toys and the EXPLORE section gear for making outdoor adventures a success.

The founder

De Hut was founded by Charlotte Verbiest. As her family name may suggest, Charlotte was born and raised in Belgium where her whole family still lives. Before moving to Canada, Charlotte studied marketing in 5 different countries over three continents. She started off her career in consulting and quickly moved into a more creative marketing position.
Charlotte has always had a passion for decorating and finding beautiful products. De Hut really is a mom offering unique, quality products to a public that also appreciates a timeless style that can be used, worn for years.