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    Have you ever wondered why there are so many books about bears?

    No? Well consider this… every time you pick up a book about a bear, some poor grizzler has to jump up and perform the story for you – even if they were in the middle of something really good – like sleeping, snoozing, or napping.

    And because there are so many books about bears, the bears are pooped! They’re always on call, they can never catch a break, and they’re tired of doing all the hard work. No wonder they’re grizzly.

    Authored by my better half, Laura BuntingAnother Book About Bears follows one bear’s journey to break free from the anthropomorphic cycle, and uncover the grizzly truth.

    Another Book About Bears is published in Australia by Scholastic Australia, in the USA by Kane Miller, in Brazil by Brinque, in France by Kaleidoscope, across Asia by Scholastic Asia, in Canada by Scholastic Canada, in Italy by Caissa Italia, in Taiwan by Grimm Press, and in the Netherlands by Condor.